5 Most Common Dental Health Mistakes

Around one-third of all Americans avoid the dentist. Dentists can help show you what is wrong with your teeth and explain how to fix them. While some problems are caused by nature, people are at fault for others.

As part of our commitment to you, we have prepared a list of the most common dental health mistakes.

  1. Brushing Too Hard

Your teeth are not like any other substance on earth. They require a gentler touch. When you scrub hard, it helps to get spots and blemishes our of a rug. Your teeth do not require such harsh treatment. In fact, brushing hard will harm your teeth, in the form of enamel erosion which will ultimately result in tooth decay. Gum recession and irritation are also common when someone brushes their teeth too hard.

  1. Not Flossing

We have heard a thousand jokes about this. No matter what happens with your teeth, the dentist will say that you need to floss more when you go to the dentist. Dentists harp on it because it is incredibly important. Flossing helps eliminate the plaque buildup between your teeth and fights cavities. The addition of flossing only tacks on a minute or two to your oral health routine, and is an easy habit to fall into once you start. We highly recommend it.

  1. Using the Same Toothbrush for Too Long

Some among us are sentimental about our toothbrushes. After all, your toothbrush went with you to Spain, came through that awful relationship together, and now it is a nice reminder of home in your new apartment in the big city. Even if it has been through all that, it needs to be thrown out. We recommend that you get a new toothbrush at least once every three months. When a brush has been used for a long time, it loses its effectiveness since the bristles in the brush lose their rigidness. This, in turn, means they are not as effective in removing plaque.

  1. Brushing Right After Eating

When you eat food, especially spicy food, your teeth often get covered in certain acids from your food. Some acids weaken your teeth. Putting your toothbrush on your teeth right after eating applies pressure and can cause damage. Generally, it is a good idea to wait for half an hour before you brush your teeth. When you absolutely have to feel clean, rinse your mouth out with water.

  1. Brushing for the Wrong Amount of Time

It is generally accepted that you should brush your teeth for two minutes. It is possible to brush your teeth for too long, just as it is possible to brush your teeth for too short of a time. When you are brushing your teeth, try to focus solely on that. We understand that certain people are in a time crunch in the morning, and want to multitask, but we would recommend against that. When you do that, you might be missing parts of your mouth.

At SmilesNY, we are dedicated to making your teeth nice and healthy. If you have any questions or need a NY Cosmetic dentist, please let us know.