Cosmetic Dentist NYC Offers Impressionless Scanning

Dental impressions in New York have never been so easy thanks to the new 3Shape’s TRIOS® digital impressionless scanning system! Cosmetic Dentist in New York City, Dr. Steven Roth, talks to about the revolutionary impressionless system that skips the goop and gagging of traditional dental impressions and instead, uses digital technology to capture 3,000 images of the mouth per second. Additionally, the 3Shape’s TRIOS® offers patients a faster office visit and less waiting for their permanent dental restorations. Learn more about how the 3Shape’s Trios works and what our expert cosmetic dentist in NYC has to say about it!

Technology at SmilesNY

Our NY cosmetic dentists and our staff at SmilesNY welcome any questions you may have about the 3Shape’s TRIOS® digital dental impression system in New York.  Contact our office at 212.752.6537, or request your appointment online today!