Dental Care Tips with Teeth Whitening in NYC

SmilesNY offers a comprehensive list of dental procedures, including teeth whitening in New York, but patients can avoid stains from marring their teeth from the start by eating the proper foods and choosing drinks that will improve the shade of their teeth. SmilesNY was recently featured in Gloss Daily, giving advice on what foods to indulge in and which foods to avoid in order to obtain your whitest smile. For example, crunchy vegetables increase saliva production, helping to keep plaque from forming. Dark drinks, like coffee, red wine, and soda, should be avoided. Anything that can stain a white shirt can stain your teeth! Click on the link below to read SmilesNY’s featured article on teeth whitening in NY.

Teeth Whitening in New York City— SmilesNY in Gloss Daily! 

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