DIY Dentistry Considered As Dangerous As DIY LASIK Eye Surgery.

As coverage continues of a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology who used a 3D printer and laser scanner to “create plastic aligners to improve his smile,” the Washington Post (3/30, Mcfarland) reports that orthodontists are warning “that the amateur’s methods were risky” and could result in more expensive professional help being needed. Hera Kim-Berman, director of graduate orthodontics at the University of Michigan, called the student’s approach to straightening his teeth “very dangerous,” saying, “He’s done a tremendous disservice to many people who look at this and think they can possibly do it.” Brent E. Larson, a director of orthodontics at the University of Minnesota’s dental school, compared the risks involved with the student’s method to those of performing one’s own LASIK surgery, saying that although there’s “a more obvious risk to the health of your eye” with DIY LASIK surgery, DIY dentistry involves “the same sort of risk.”