Everyday Health Lists Best And Worst Seasonal Foods For Dental Health

Everyday Health (10/1) stated “some seasonal fare can take a toll on the health of our teeth and gums,” listing “nine foods to either love or limit through the fall and winter holidays.” For example, the article advised limiting candy due to its high sugar content, adding that holiday favorites like candy canes or toffee are “sticky things that sit on the teeth,” says ADA spokesperson Dr. Matthew Messina. If indulging in seasonal sweets, the article advised brushing, flossing, and drinking plenty of water afterward. The article also stated it is unnecessary to completely avoid favorite seasonal foods and beverages to maintain oral health. “You can eat anything in moderation,” says Dr. Messina. “And make sure you brush twice a day, floss once a day, and see your dentist regularly.”

MouthHealthy.org provides additional information on foods that affect dental health.