Health and Safety News

Regular Dental Visits Considered Part Of A Healthier Life.

In an op-ed in The Tennessean (3/31), Dr. Andrei Javier, a physician and researcher at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, included having twice yearly dental visits among “12 simple steps to live a healthier life.” Mentioning the link between oral health and overall health, Dr. Javier recommends “brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting your dentist every six months.”

Tips Provided To Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy.

In a broadcast on the WRTV-TV Indianapolis (3/30, Casey) website, two pediatric dentists provided tips to keep kids’ teeth healthy, recommending, for example, that parents establish a dental home for children by age one, develop good dental habits for their children at an early age, be mindful of how diet is connected to oral health, and ensure children’s teeth are brushed for two minutes each time.

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