at home or in office whitening? which is right for you?

When to Know if In-Office Whitening is Right for You

32% of adults say they’re concerned with how their teeth look. 74% of adults say an unattractive smile will hurt their careers. 18% of adults say they routinely conceal their teeth in photos.

All of these statistics point to one inescapable conclusion – people wish their teeth were whiter. In fact, the teeth whitening industry is valued at $11 billion annually. With this info in mind, it’s safe to say that just about everyone wants a whiter smile.

So, should you opt for at home whitening or in-office whitening? Check out our guide below and learn how to tell when in-office whitening is right for you!

At Home Whitening

Most people think of Crest Whitestrips or another similar product when considering at home whitening. In fact, Crest alone accounts for a whopping 59% of the at home whitening market.

These whitening strips are a great choice if you’re dealing with surface level stains. Think coffee or wine stains. They’re not as effective at whitening long-term damage or structural tooth damage, though.

For this type of more substantial damage, you’ll probably want a different type of at home whitening solution. This is where custom made whitening trays and gels enter the picture.

There are at home whitening products that you can receive from your dentist. You make an appointment and get custom molds of your teeth made. You then use these alongside a stronger whitening gel your dentist prescribes.

Much like out-of-the-box whitening strips, custom at home whitening products are great for removing surface level stains. They’re also useful for reversing deeper stains, darker teeth, and some structural damage.

If you want to really whiten your teeth though – if you want those celebrity pearly whites – you’re probably going to want to check out in-office whitening.

In-Office Whitening

The first thing you need to know about in-office whitening is that it’s more expensive than at home options. That being said, it’s the best option for removing stains from your teeth. It also offers some serious advantages over at home strips.

The most obvious advantage to choosing in-office whitening is the time factor. While at home options can take several applications to show even basic results, in-office whitening takes only one treatment.

We use a special system here at Smiles NY called Zoom!® Whitening. This will make your teeth whiter in an hour. Yep, that’s right, one hour to whiter teeth and a healthier smile.

Another major benefit of in-office teeth whitening is sensitivity. Most people who use at home whitening products report levels of sensitivity ranging from mild to severe. Most people who choose in-office whitening report levels of sensitivity ranging from nonexistent to mild.

In-office whitening also lasts longer than the at home options. At home whitening will typically last as long as you continue to apply the strips. In-office whitening, on the other hand, can last for up to three years!

Ultimately, you’re the only one who knows if in-office whitening is right for you. Based on the substantial benefits, though, we can’t recommend it enough. With that in mind, we offer complimentary teeth whitening consultations. Contact us today for yours!