NYC Cosmetic Dentist Will Enhance Your Smile

Summer is here and so are weddings, BBQs, and pool parties. With these social gatherings, there will be more opportunities to smile; for the bride, when meeting new friends, visiting old friends, laughing at pool parties, and enjoying the summer sun. Whether your smile needs a small makeover, like whitening or a larger makeover with Invisalign® or veneers, NY Cosmetic dentists, Dr. Timothy Chase and Dr. Steven E. Roth, at SmilesNY can give you a new, sparkling summer smile!

Teeth Whitening in NYC: Dramatically brighten your smile with teeth whitening in NY. Our treatment, is done completely in-office by a professional making your teeth up to eight shades lighter in one hour! Using over-the-counter whitening treatments are tough on the enamel of your teeth, Zoom! Teeth Whitening is safe for your enamel and fast for results. While having brighter teeth can enhance the glimmer of your smile, crooked teeth can keep you from having the smile you deserve. If you’re considering straightening your teeth, Invisalign® may be the choice for you.

Invisalign in NY: If you made the decision to apply braces to your teeth this summer, but you worry about the inconvenience of traditional braces, Invisalign® may be your best option.  Invisalign in NY is a solution for a beautiful, straight smile and it’s virtually invisible! The treatment is used to solve a variety of misalignment issues, permanently correcting your smile with fewer office visits than other straightening techniques. Once your Invisalign® is finished, you will have a sparking smile for summers to come. However, if you’d rather have results now, veneers may be for you.

Porcelain veneers in NYC: If you’re in search of a fast, permanent solution and a well-proportioned smile veneers are the solution. Veneers will:

  • Match the color of your real teeth
  • Repair fractured or chipped teeth
  • Cover gaps between teeth
  • Correct misaligned or cooked teeth
  • Resist staining or chipping
  • Have a long life expectancy 

The process for acquiring porcelain veneers requires little to no anesthesia because very little of your original teeth are taken away. With the combination of Zoom! Teeth Whitening, you can have a brilliant smile in a few visits.

Smiling this summer will be a breeze with your sparkling new smile from Dr. Steven Roth and Dr. Timothy Chase. Our NY cosmetic dentists and staff welcome any questions you may have about designing your new smile. You may contact us at 212.752.6537, or request a complimentary consultation online today!