Periodontist Professor Aims To Grow Tissue, Bone Using 3D Bio-Printer

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (3/31) reports, “A new study using 3D printing to create tissue and bone could revolutionise dentistry.” Periodontist Professor Saso Ivanovski, from Griffith University’s Menzies Institute, is leading the work, which involves using a patient’s own cells to grow missing bone and tissue with a bio-printer. If successful, “patients will be able to have a CT scan of the damaged region sent to a 3D bio-printer to manufacture a replacement part.” Professor Ivanovski said, “The cells, the extracellular matrix and other components that make up the bone and gum tissue are all included in the construct and can be manufactured to exactly fit the missing bone and gum for a particular individual.” The National Health and Medical Research Council has awarded a $650,000 grant for the three-year study, and researchers intend to begin pre-clinical trials within the next year.