Porcelain Fillings in NYC Treat Cavities

You and your little trick or treater can enjoy Halloween treats and still avoid porcelain fillings in NYC this year! In a featured Yahoo! Shine article titled, “Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth,” SmilesNY reveals that although most candy will “rot your teeth” as the saying goes, some sweets actually pose less of a risk to the health of your enamel than others. Pure chocolate, such as Hershey’s bars, and sugar-free gum are the preferred choice in order to avoid cavities. These sugars wash away easily during brushing and flossing, unlike taffies, caramels, or nuts, which embed in the crevices of teeth and stick to enamel despite thorough cleaning.  Learn more about which candies to avoid and which to enjoy when you say, “trick or treat!” by reading our featured Yahoo! Shine article!

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