The Possible Dangers of Dental Work Outside the US

The Possible Dangers of Dental Work Outside the US

Dental tourism has become something of a fad. As more and more countries promise a quick fix for a small price, it’s easy to get lured by the idea of having dental work done abroad.

Unfortunately, there are possible dangers of dental work outside the US. Here are some clear and present concerns that you should consider before packing your bags and going for it.


This is the major issue when having dental work done abroad. This can be caused by number of factors including travel-induced stress. Several cases including infections, cyst formation, and bleeding gums have been reported. Make sure you know that this is one possibility you are facing.

Also take note that compounding this danger is trying to fix any complications. Once you get into trouble after a faulty procedure abroad, it will cost you even more to have that corrected when you get back home.

Difference in Standards

One of the possible dangers of dental work outside the US is the difference in standards. Here at home, strict standards are put in place to assure the safety of each and every patient. These standards apply to everything from the required training of the dentist and scope of their specialization to the cleanliness and sanitation of the clinic.

The truth is that some of these standards may not be followed in other countries due to lenient policies. Because of this, your safety cannot be fully guaranteed.


Communication yet another issue when it comes to dental work abroad. It’s vitally important in any medical procedure to have good communication with your doctor. You want to ask pertinent questions and set forth your desired results, or at least expectations. Language can be a barrier if you have your dental procedure done overseas.

Limited Aftercare Options

One of the possible dangers of dental work outside the US is aftercare concerns. Just like with any procedure, aftercare is essential to achieve complete recovery. This may not be the case if you have anything done abroad.

The best thing to do is to stay in the country where you had the procedure done until you have fully recovered. This way, your dentist can troubleshoot any post-procedure concerns. However, this might be impractical for you given the added cost of having to extend your stay overseas.

With the possible dangers of dental work outside the US, why travel so far when you can get the same services here? Save yourself hassle and danger by using the reliable services of a local dentist.

Here at Smiles NY, you can be assured of quality service because of the strict standards in place. You also have access to proper aftercare and corrective measures. Sticking with dental work at home definitely has its rewards. Its advantages far outweigh the risks of having procedures done abroad.