Teeth Whitening NYC will keep your teeth Cleaner!

Maintaining clean, white, healthy teeth is an important aspect of personal hygiene. People develop first impressions based on your white smile and clean breath. Teeth are essential to eating, and your gum health, if ignored, can negatively affect your overall health, increasing your risk of heart attack, osteoporosis, and infections in other organs, not to mention the development of periodontal disease in NYC. A healthy, happy smile is important for social interaction, personal health, and overall appearance; Timothy Chase, D.M.D. of SmilesNY, a leading cosmetic and dental implant center in New York, suggests easy at-home tips to maintaining a healthy smile and improving your dental health in a featured article in Self Magazine. The article, “Your Prettiest Smile, Ever: Have a Happy Mouth,” guides us through both cosmetic and health dos and don’t to help us achieve our whitest, brightest, happiest smile. Dr. Chase lends his expert advice on the health portion of the Self article, breaking down dental health to its basics and offering special insider tips and tricks of the dental trade.

According to Dr. Chase, a few modifications to your daily oral hygiene in NY can greatly improve your overall dental health and the appearance of your smile. Changing your toothbrush to a medium-strength bristle and brushing your teeth at a 45-degree angle from your gum line can greatly improve the efficiency of your brushing and create less irritation to your gums. Also, chewing sugarless, antioxidant-laced whitening gum between brushings stimulates your mouth to produce saliva.  Saliva naturally contains healthy bacteria that can protect against periodontal disease in NY. If your teeth are clean and healthy but stained, several at-home and professional whitening options are available and effective depending on the extent of your stained teeth. Surface, yellow stains can usually be improved with fluoride toothpaste that has gentle grittiness, like clay or silica. Hydrogen peroxide at-home whitening treatments can also be extremely effective on surface stains, but deep staining may require professional teeth whitening in New York City. At SmilesNY, Dr. Chase offers teeth whitening in NYC along with a wide variety of other cosmetic procedures, including dental implants and the latest technology and techniques in bone grafting. Wear your prettiest smile ever by taking just a little extra care with your daily oral hygiene in NYC and considering teeth whitening in NY or one of our many other cosmetic procedures.

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