TMJ in NYC and Its Effects on Your Jaw

The appearance of your teeth, mouth, and jaw doesn’t seem like an important part of your daily life, but what if your mouth didn’t function properly? Biting or chewing difficulties, locked jaw, and the inability to open or close your mouth can detract from the quality of your life and is a common occurrence for those diagnosed with TMJ disorder in NY. Essential to the performance of your mouth, the Temporomandibular joint is located on each side of your head, just in front of your ears. The effects of TMJ stem from the physical stress on the cartilage at the joint, muscles of the jaw, face, or neck, nearby ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and teeth. TMJ disorder can have a significant impact on your daily life, not-only hindering the functions of your mouth and jaw, but also causing debilitating earaches and headaches. Our NYC cosmetic dentists offers dental appliances to treat TMJ.

Dr. Timothy Chase and Dr. Steven E. Roth can develop a dental appliance to help lessen stress on the jaw and the effects of TMJ disorder. This custom-made appliance is designed to treat TMJ disorder in NY, alleviating stress on your Temporomandibular joint. Patients become accustomed to wearing dental appliances relatively quickly, and by wearing the dental appliance, you’re avoiding jaw and joint pain as well as preventing future damage to your teeth.

The cosmetic dentists at SmilesNY can provide you with a custom made, personally fit dental appliance to alleviate symptoms of TMJ. Dr. Timothy Chase, Dr. Steven E. Roth, and our staff at SmilesNY welcome any questions you may have about TMJ therapy in NYC or custom dental appliances. Feel free to contact our NYC office at 212.752.6537, or request a free appointment online.