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Cosmetic Dentistry NY: Meet Drs. Chase & Roth!

New York Cosmetic Dentists, Dr. Timothy Chase & Dr. Steven Roth are featured in New Beauty magazine’s January 2013 issue! Known for "creating New York's most beautiful smiles"; Dr. Chase & Dr. Roth explain their philosophies on cosmetic dentistry in NY & discuss some of their most innovative dental procedures. Learn more about Dr. Chase & Dr. Roth & your options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in NY!

Tooth Decay NYC: Avoid a Spooky Smile

Are sweets your biggest fear during Halloween? Did you know some candies are better than others for your child's oral hygiene? Certain holiday snacks can provide proteins, antioxidants, and nutrients! By practicing proper maintenance and moderation with your child's candy intake, Halloween anxiety can be alleviated! This holiday, your child can enjoy the right treats with these tricks from Dr. Timothy Chase and Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine. Click here to find out how to avoid a spooky smile this Halloween!

Your Prettiest Smile. Ever: Have a Happy Mouth

Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY breaks down dental health to its basics and gives us special insider tips to maintain a healthy smile in New York City. Everyone knows they should brush, floss, and rinse, but did you know that the angle and motion of your toothbrush actually affects your brushing efficiency? Did you know that sugarless gum, besides tasting great, also stimulates saliva production which carries good bacteria to fight against oral diseases, like periodontitis? Learn more tricks of the dental trade to improve your dental health and achieve a happy smile by reading more of Dr. Chase’s easy suggestions.

Countdown to Prom: Smile Like You Mean It!

Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY lets TeenVogue magazine in on a few teeth whitening NY tips for your smile. In addition to regular brushing, flossing, and avoiding dark liquids such as coffee, tea, and non-alcohol mouthwash, “power bleach” at-home treatments are effective especially if new gel is reapplied every ten minutes, Also, teeth whitening toothpaste in NYC doesn’t whiten your teeth so much as it damages your gums.

Keep Your Smile Healthy This Halloween

Let’s not forget that October, in addition to Halloween, is also Oral Hygiene Month! Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY comments on the good, ok, bad, and the ugly of Halloween candy in term of dental health. Although your children may be craving their Halloween sugar fix, make sure their sugar intake this October comes in the form of pure chocolate, like Hershey’s Reese’s and Kit Kats, or sugar-free gum. Anything that sticks to your teeth, like taffy or caramel, or remains in your mouth for an extended period of time, like lollipops, are definitely on the bad and ugly list every Halloween.

Designer Dentistry

Drs. Roth, and Chase at SmilesNY provide the most technologically advanced dental services and the highest standard of patient satisfaction and comfort. Their skills and techniques are only matched by the tranquil amenities available in their office, such as lavender-scented wash cloths to freshen up, lip moisturizers, snacks, and beverages. SmilesNY cares for all patient needs to ensure that their overall experience at SmilesNY is relaxing, positive, and physically and emotionally fulfilling.

Healthy News For You: Eat Well For a healthy smile

Traditional means of keeping your mouth healthy, such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash, are necessary to keep your gums and teeth in tip top shape, but the foods you eat effect your dental health just as much as maintaining good oral hygiene in NYC. Bad breath, plague, gum disease, and staining can all be reduced by including specific foods in your diet. For example, yogurt has the ability to fight bad bacteria that causes cavities. Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY tells us that fiber-rich fruits and vegetables stimulate saliva which contains antimicrobials to fight cavity causing bacteria as well. Read more about which foods you should include in your diet to achieve a healthy smile by clicking on Redbook Magazine

White Lightening

People tan in order to achieve a healthy glow, but the best accessory to a nice, warm tan is a clean, bright smile. Dr. Timothy Chase gives a few tips on how to whiten your smile. Although professional whitening in New York is the most effect method to whitening your teeth, over the counter whitening products are still effective. Dr. Chase of SmilesNY recommends a separate whitening agent instead of whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpastes simply have abrasive textures which may whiten the surface of your teeth but can also be harmful to your enamel and gums. The doctors at SmilesNY offer professional teeth whitening in NYC and have suggestions for at-home whitening products.

Dental Hygiene NYC: no tricks this halloween

Parents concerned about their children’s dental health can breathe a little easier this Boo Day without spoiling all the fun for their trick or treaters; SmilesNY reveals that some candy is less harmful to your teeth than other sweets. In a featured Parenting magazine titled, “Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth,” the doctors at SmilesNY share that candies which contain chewy taffies or caramels are much more likely to bind to enamel, turn to plaque and hard tartar, and develop cavities than pure chocolate or wafers. Learn more about what treats won’t trick you into a cavity this Halloween!

New York's Most Beautiful Smiles: CosmaLite™ NYC

milesNY is renowned for creating New York City’s most beautiful smiles. Patients enjoy the most advanced cosmetic and restorative dental treatments in the tranquility of a spa-like atmosphere. SmilesNY is named as one of New Beauty Magazine’s Featured Doctors! The combination of comfortable, convenient patient care, a luxurious office, and the skilled execution of advanced dental services makes SmilesNY a leading expert in dental care. They even offer innovative, personally created services, such as CosmaLite™, giving patients a preview of the look and feel of porcelain veneers without risking the permanence of the full procedure. Learn more about Cosmalite™ in NY and the many cosmetic procedures offered at SmilesNY by clicking on New Beauty magazine!

cosmetic dentist new york: kid's teeth matter too!

Did you know that the best time to see a dentist is when you can walk out with a sticker and your favorite cartoon character toothbrush? That’s right, hopping into the dentist chair at a young age is key to preventing tooth problems. However, even the most persistent parents may find an unwelcomed cavity in their child’s mouth, including NY Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Timothy Chase, who was surprised to find his son doesn’t shy away from cavities, even with a dentist as a father. Dr. Chase of Smiles NY has been practicing dentistry in NYC for over twenty years, and in his recently published article, “Ask the Dentist,” he explains why, “treating kids is an art unto itself,” when dealing with oral hygiene. Check out some tips he has to offer in the full article featured in Parent Guide

Cosmetic dentist nyc: creating ny's beautiful smiles

The doctors at SmilesNY provide patients with the smiles they've always dreamed of. In a featured New Beauty magazine article, SmilesNY divulges their philosophy, comforting amenities, and cutting-edge technology which separate their practice from other cosmetic dentists in New York City. The tranquil, spa-like environment ensures that you experience comfort and luxury as well as the most advanced dental services available. SmilesNY creates New York's most beautiful smiles, offering a comprehensive list of services, including smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, full-mouth reconstruction, and laser dentistry. Click on the magazine cover to read the full featured New Beauty article featuring SmilesNY, the cosmetic dentists in NYC who provide designer dentistry.

Teeth Whitening new york: the smile diet

The food you eat impacts your life on many levels. Through your diet you can gain or lose weight, raise or lower your blood pressure and sugar levels, and stain or whiten your teeth. In a featured Ladies' Home Journal article, SmilesNY lets us in on the inside scoop on what to eat for teeth whitening in NY. Foods like carrots, celery, and dairy products are important to keep plaque from sticking to your teeth. This will keep teeth looking and feeling their best and brightest! Click on the thumbnail to read SmilesNY's featured article in Ladies' Home Journal on teeth whitening in New York.


Women strive for perfection the day of their wedding. A stunning dress, silky hair, manicured nails, and killer heals are just the begging of a long list of preparations that need to be considered for the big day, but what is any of that years later when you look through your wedding pictures if you are unhappy with your smile? Dr. Roth of SmilesNY offers CosmaLite™in NYC as a temporary solution for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth but unsure whether they want to invest their time, money, and hopes in permanent veneers. CosmaLite™ in NYC is an excellent way to achieve a gorgeous smile for your wedding and simultaneously discover if a more permanent dental solution is right for you. The cost of CosmaLite™ will be subtracted from the cost of your permanent veneers, so move forward into your new married life with beautiful new teeth thanks to CosmaLite™ in New York City.

Amazing Smiles and Transformation

Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY comments on Kate Beckensale's new set of pearly whites. Although Beckensale claims to have received a simple bleaching, Dr. Chase believes her beautiful results were likely achieved through porcelain veneers and a smile lift in New York. Porcelain veneers NYC is a common, effective, and lasting method of teeth correction and whitening that many celebrities have invested in.

A Super Model Smile

Porcelain veneers in New York may be the best route for patients who want to achieve both whiter teeth and correct cosmetic imperfections, such as spacing and crowding issues or crooked and chipped teeth. Dr. Steven Roth of Smiles NY notes that gaps my not be too obvious in person, but extremely noticeable onscreen, which explains the surge of porcelain veneers in NYC for celebrities such as Denzel Washington and models like Bridget Hall.

Ask the Expert

Dr. Steven Roth, D.M.D. of SmilesNY offers critical advice on the topic of health-related issues concerning silver fillings. Although mercury poisoning from silver fillings is not an issue, according to the American Dental Association, tooth-colored composite fillings in NYC should be considered for all future fillings because of their durability, defense against tarnishing, and need for less drilling. Dr. Roth can help patients determine the best filling in NY for their cavities.


NY cosmetic dentist, Dr. Steven E. Roth discusses his Hollywood-inspired, coined procedure, Cosmalite® with BlogTalkRadio. Dr. Roth also discusses his passion for dentistry and satisfaction of helping improve people’s lives by either alleviating dental pain and/or improving their smile. Click here to listen to the interview!

Halloween candy is delicious, but lollipops and sticky taffy bars are the worst for your teeth

A parent of three sons, Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY knows the pressure of balancing the good and bad candy that his children can eat on Halloween. No one wants to be a party-pooper, and Dr. Chase himself is not completely against candy, but he does believe that we can all make smarter choices about which candy we consume, especially for our children. Pure chocolate, Kit Kats, and ice cream are more teeth-friendly choices than hard and sticky candies that leave difficult to clean residue on your teeth, even with brushing. Encourage your children to each the teeth-smart candy on Halloween, so they can enjoy healthy, white teeth for their entire lives.

Celebs with gap teeth are smiling big— Lara Stone, Anna Paquin, Madonna all rock crooked smiles

People are commonly asking Dr. Chase of SmilesNY to keep some of their dental imperfections, such as crooked and gapped teeth, visible when they receive porcelain veneers in New York. Dr. Chase explains that although they want healthy, white teeth, they also want to maintain some of their personality and individuality as well. Celebrities such as Madonna and Anna Paquin are shining examples of this fad. A more natural look is preferred for some patients, and others are even requesting to have Dr. Chase create a man-made gap in their front teeth because they find the look so attractive.

Lights. Camera. Smile

Beautifully white teeth aren’t just for the rich and famous. Advances in the field of dentistry have made teeth whitening in New York much more assessable to everyone, and Dr. Timothy Chase from Smiles NY highlights a few of those options. At-home bleaching kits can be effective when used properly, and porcelain veneers are also an excellent option, especially for people who also have chipped, crowded, or spaced teeth in NYC.

Pearly Whites

Planning all the details for a wedding can be hectic, but if you want a camera-ready smile on your wedding day, Dr. Timothy Chase of Smiles NY recommends preparing months in advance with professional teeth whitening treatments in New York City. In addition to professional whitening, he recommends an at-home “Power Bleach” in NYC to make your smile sparkle.

Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller suffered from ‘rare’ medical nightmare: doctors

Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY comments on the double pneumonia and a systemic infection Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, suffered after surgery on her impacted wisdom teeth. Systemic infections are thankfully rare, but not impossible. Symptoms of infection can appear rapidly, so close monitoring of the incision sites are necessary. The doctors at SmilesNY take the upmost precautionary measures to ensure the safest treatment possible during all of their dental procedures in New York.

Want a diamond smile like Kanye West? Prepare for broken teeth and bleeding gums

Diamonds are harder than teeth themselves, so Dr. Chase of SmilesNY recommends that patients who want diamond-studded teeth should choose to have them drilled into the non-biting side of the tooth to prevent the wear diamonds will inflict on your other teeth. Besides being extremely expensive, encrusting diamonds in your teeth like Kanye West or implanting diamond teeth in your gums can be detrimental to your dental health.

Best and worse celebrity summer I-do smiles named by SmilesNY Dr. Timothy Chase

The summer of 2014 has been busy with celebs full of smiles pronouncing their love with I do’s. With romance n the air the glitterati were full of expressing their happiness with big smiles. As the summer nears its end Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY takes a closer look at the famed personality couples to name the best and worst wedded celebrity smiles.

Can you identify these celebrity smiles

Not every star has a smile that shines. Even celebrities have smiles that could use some serious orthodontics, gum work, whitening, or veneers in New York. Dr. Roth of SmilesNY comments on a variety of celebrities who either have picture ready smiles and the treatments available for those who don’t. Some treatments which are priced per tooth, like porcelain veneers in NY, can become expensive, but other treatments, such as professional whitening, aren’t just for the stars. Contact SmilesNY to see how teeth whitening in New York can help you!

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AT SMILESNY, our New York cosmetic dentists have a patient-friendly philosophy that combines aesthetics, youthful appearances, and a commitment to total oral health. Conveniently located in the heart of New York City, our state-of-the-art facility offers a wide variety of cosmetic, periodontic, orthodontic, restorative, and general dentistry treatments and procedures. Leading New York cosmetic dentists Steven E. Roth D. M. D., Timothy Chase, D. M. D., Kenneth Jackier D. M. D., and Kevin Loshak D. D. S. are dedicated to providing their patients with the highest standard of dental care available.
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