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CosmaLite Porcelain Veneers Testimonial

New York Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Steven Roth speaks with his patient Maria about her experience with CosmaLite and the results of her smile makeover with porcelain veneers. CosmaLite provides patients with a fast, affordable, and virtually pain-free way to try out a new smile before getting permanent porcelain veneers. To learn more about CosmaLite, porcelain veneers, and Dr. Steven Roth's cosmetic dentistry practice in New York City please visit our CosmaLite page.

Cosmalite Veneers Testimonial

Dr. Roth: Welcome back, Maria.
Maria: Thank you.
Dr. Roth: I'm so happy we finished your case. How are you feeling?
Maria: I feel amazing.
Dr. Roth: Yeah?
Maria: Yeah. Very excited.
Dr. Roth: Are you having any significant pain?
Maria: Not at all. No.
Dr. Roth: No, any soreness?
Maria: Nope.
Dr. Roth: Did you have to take any medication after we were done?
Maria: No.
Dr. Roth: What was it like when you sat up and saw what your teeth looked like for the first time?
Maria: I was pretty shocked. I felt like I was looking at a younger version of myself.
Dr. Roth: Have we met all of your expectations?
Maria: And some, yeah.
Dr. Roth: If you remember, and I just put your picture up.
Maria: I know. I don't want to look.
Dr. Roth: I know you don't want to look but remember there was fairly significant tooth wear and your teeth were flared out all because of your bite. How does your bite feel now?
Maria: I don't feel as stressed. I don't feel that soreness I used to have in here so it feels a lot more relaxed. Is that because of the bite being adjusted?
Dr. Roth: Absolutely.
Maria: Wow.
Dr. Roth: We redesigned your bite. We gave you more freedom in your movements, in your chewing.
Maria: Feels a lot more even. Feels ...
Dr. Roth: Relaxed?
Maria: Yeah.
Dr. Roth:  What about people's perceptions around you? What was that like?
Maria: Well the people who knew me would see me after the whole thing and they were like, "What? What did you do different? Is it your hair? Is it this, that?" Then I told them I had veneers done and they were amazed.
Dr. Roth: They really couldn't pinpoint what it was.
Maria: They couldn't pinpoint it because you made it look so natural. Remember we talked about the color and everything. I wanted to be natural and you did such a natural look which I was hoping for. You have me exactly what I was hoping for.
Dr. Roth:  I remember you said to me, "I don't want to walk in the room and have everybody staring at my teeth. I just want them to be staring at somebody who looks great."
Maria: Yeah.
Dr. Roth: Okay and on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best, how would you rate your experience going through this?
Maria: Ten, easy breezy 10. Yeah.
Dr. Roth: We talked about this for several years.
Maria: I know.
Dr. Roth: Probably going back five, six years. How do you feel about that?
Maria: I regret not doing it sooner to tell you the truth.
Dr. Roth: What do you think about recommending us to other people?
Maria: Absolutely, yeah.
Dr. Roth: Are there any regrets?
Maria: No. Not at all.
Dr. Roth: I didn't think there were. Great. Well congratulations.
Maria: Thank you.
Dr. Roth:  Show your smile.