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At SmilesNY, we take great pride in offering the highest quality of patient care while also providing exceptional results for our New York patients. Drs. Chase, Roth, and Loshak work to ensure that each individual they treat has the best possible experience from the time they enter our practice. We have arranged a comprehensive list of our patients' reviews to help make choosing SmilesNY for a dental treatment an easy decision. Learn more about our practice by browsing our reviews to see what our patients have to say about their experience and results from their treatment at SmilesNY. 

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Review from D.H.  |  Source: Google  |  Apr 28, 2019

Best of the best!!! More

Review from D.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Apr 10, 2019

I moved to Scotland 3 years ago and have been at the mercy of British dentistry. I never knew I needed to worry because I have always been in such good hands with Smiles NY and their wonderful talented dentists and team. A crown of mine came off while there and needed to be recemented, a pretty easy task you would think?WRONG!! The dentist had to re-cement it a few times as I’m not sure what kind of glue or bond she was using. She then finally did it the right way unfortunately she didn’t seat it all the way causing me to bang the tooth constantly causing me severe trauma after months of trying to adjust the tooth the right way because the occlusion was off. Finally I asked her to take it completely out of occlusion because I was suffering daily with a sore jaw and tooth pain. After a month of this back and forth the tooth finally needed a root canal as it was aggrevated. I was very upset about this happening but now in pain and needed emergency root canal. As if matters couldn’t get worse I was sent to a Root canal specialist (so they say so) who then couldn’t find one of my canals and perforated my canal which means the tool they were using drilled right through the side of my canal and gum leaving me numb now for 2 years in half my lower lip. I live with this daily. I tried another dentist as one of my front teeth chipped and just needed a simple bonding and they screwed that up too by shortening both my front teeth by at least 1mm making me look like I now had a reverse smile. I cried my eyes out and had to pay another dentist to try and fix what they did wrong and they did an ok job but still very hard to fix shortened teeth. The moral of the story is I will never have anyone touch my again accept for Dr chase or Dr Roth to fix my teeth because I trust them and know I won’t leave the office crying. I also would like to point out that the cleanings and or hygiene visits are so much better as they hardly scale your teeth or feel like they did anything after you leave a UK cleaning. Unfortunately I still live in the UK for a few more years but I will make sure that I plan a visit to NY and work my dental needs around my visit as I know I’m in the best of hands by some of the most talented and caring dentists and team I have ever been around. Thank you smiles for fixingThe mess they made of me!! You guys rock and I’m so appreciative and grateful for your services! More

Review from E.Z.  |  Source: Google  |  Nov 18, 2017

I am very grateful for meeting Dr. Steven E. Roth as he is a true cosmetic artist using the highest quality products in cosmetic dentistry. He is very knowledgeable and a true gentlemen that is super gentle especially after my trauma from other dental work that happened in the past. He was really nice an honest about my situation and knew exactly how to save my natural looking smile, keeping it in perfect balance and making me feel comfortable. I was very impressed with the entire process and the staff was very attentive and courteous. Dr. S. Roth focuses on health and personal improvement and makes it a priority. Very professional and friendly and always happy to help you, I am really thankful for his guidance and his persistence to healthier smiles. I Highly recommend him!!! More

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