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At SmilesNY, our New York cosmetic dentists have a patient-friendly philosophy that combines aesthetics and commitment to patient care.

Should You Consider Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy (DTR)?

Our Team | 08/05/2022

The world of dentistry is changing. Learn about Disclusion Time Reduction Therap


Learn About The Amazing Benefits Of CosmaLite

Our Team | 07/29/2022

Getting veneers can seem somewhat intimidating. Many have questions regarding wh


ITero Digital Impressions: How It Works and Its Benefits

Our Team | 06/29/2022

ITero is the most recent technology accessible in our Manhattan dental office fo


Isn't it Time to Straighten Your Smile?

Our Team | 06/15/2022

Fall in love with your smile with Invisalign at SmilesNY.


How Smile Makeover Treatment Can Give You a Confidence Boost

Our Team | 05/26/2022

A smile makeover can boost your confidence by restoring how your teeth look and feel.


Will Veneers Be Brighter Than My Natural Teeth Color?

Our Team | 04/28/2022

A cosmetic dentist in NY can answer all of your smile restoration questions, including if dental veneers change color.


What Foods Should I Eat After Getting a Dental Crown?

Our Team | 03/22/2022

A dental crown can restore your smile, but you’ll need to avoid hard, or extremely hot or cold foods after the procedure.


How Can I Prepare For Smile Makeover Treatment?

Our Team | 02/17/2022

A smile makeover can provide many great restorative dentistry solutions give you the smile you deserve.


Will It Take Long To Adjust My Porcelain Veneers?

Our Team | 01/27/2022

Dental veneers are easy for people to use in Manhattan, NY. But these cosmetic dentistry solutions will take a bit of time to manage.


Dental Crowns vs. Porcelain Veneers. Which Is Right for Me?

Our Team | 12/20/2021

Dental veneers and crowns are different in many ways, but they are both useful for protecting your teeth.


Get a Smile Makeover Just in Time for the Holidays

Our Team | 11/11/2021

A smile makeover can include teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, giving you a brilliant smile in time for the holidays.


Are Veneers Bad for Your Teeth?

Our Team | 10/26/2021

Porcelain veneers are not bad for your teeth. They can transform your smile and improve your overall dental health.


Will My Dental Crown Look Fake?

Our Team | 09/16/2021

Your dental crown can correct your bite, fix dental decay or injury, and look perfectly natural for a beautifully bright, seamless smile.


I’m A Daily Coffee Drinker. Will My Veneers Become Stained?

Our Team | 08/12/2021

We all know that drinking coffee can stain your natural teeth, but what about veneers? Learn more here about how durable your veneers may actually be.


Tips from a New York City Cosmetic Dentist on Caring For a Crown

Our Team | 07/06/2021

Learn how dental crowns can restore your smile, and follow these helpful guidelines to preserve your investment.


What Smile Makeover Procedures Replace Missing Teeth?

Our Team | 06/16/2021

Missing teeth negatively impact your smile and confidence. Custom dental crowns and dental bridges can enhance your smile in Manhattan, NY.


Five Reasons to Visit a Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist for Veneers

Our Team | 05/13/2021

Are you considering porcelain veneers? Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan. We can help you improve your smile.


Get Wedding Day White Teeth From a Cosmetic Dentist in New York City

Our Team | 04/02/2021

Interested in bridal teeth whitening? Get a wedding smile makeover from a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan and New York. We can treat stains and more.


How Are Veneers Applied to the Teeth?

Our Team | 03/26/2020

Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure used to improve the smile’s appearance for patients of all ages in New York City, NY.


Why A Smile Makeover Should be On Your Pre-Wedding Checklist

Our Team | 03/18/2020

Is a lackluster smile affecting your self-confidence? A smile makeover before your wedding in New York City can change that.


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