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How Can I Address My Gummy Smile?

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Gummy smiles are more common than you might think. While they're more common in women than in men, they affect a significant percentage of the population and lead to feelings of self-consciousness when smiling. From crown lengthening to botox injections, and porcelain crowns — there are numerous solutions for fixing a gummy smile.

First of All, What is a "Gummy" Smile?

Patients who have an excess of gum tissue displayed when they smile are likely well aware of the term “gummy smile.” This condition is also known as excessive gingival display and it can be detrimental to one's confidence while smiling. Oftentimes, a gummy smile has more than two millimeters of exposed gum visible when the person smiles.

Excessive gum display can be caused by hyperactive upper lip muscles, growth of the upper jaw bone, or even an abnormal eruption of teeth. Genetically, some people are simply more prone to a gummy smile if it runs in their family.

Determining the underlying cause is helpful for the dentist, as they can take the proper steps to correct the condition. Luckily, many patients can alter their smile without surgical intervention and can enjoy the confidence boost of their new smile.

Treatment Options to Correct a Gummy Smile

Individuals who suspect that they may have a gummy smile are encouraged to visit their dentist, who can provide a professional assessment of their gingival display. During the examination, the dentist can also form a conclusion of what is causing the gummy smile, which can provide clarity for choosing the best treatment options.

Laser gum treatment can be used to eradicate diseased gum tissue while leaving the healthy tissue in place. This method is often used for patients suffering from gum disease that may result in an excessively gummy smile and can provide a more aesthetic gum line.

Patients who have hyperactive upper lips may find that small doses of botulinum toxin via injections can alleviate this problem. This treatment can last between 3-6 months and can ease the nerves of the lip, resulting in a less visible gum line while smiling.

In some situations, the dentist may recommend porcelain veneers as the best solution to create a more aesthetic smile. Veneers can help make teeth look longer, which places less emphasis on the gums and creates a proportional smile.

Looking for a Solution for Your Gummy Smile? 

We correct a range of cosmetic issues with smiles of all shapes and sizes at SmilesNY . We strive to be your trusted New York dental office, with a staff of friendly professionals who are dedicated to helping you reach your oral health goals. Our team is led by Dr. Timothy Chase and Dr. Steven Roth, who both have extensive experience with restoring healthy smiles and helping their patients achieve maximum confidence in their grins.

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