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Perfect Smile with SmilesNY

In this eHow series by New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Steven Roth of SmilesNY, we discuss how to create the perfect smile. Between a combination of dental hygiene and communication with your dentist, your teeth can have a lifetime of happiness. For more information Dr. Roth and his New York City practice, SmilesNY, please browse our site.

Perfect Smiles with SmilesNY

Hi. My name is Dr. Steven Roth, and I am from SmilesNY in New York City. Today, we're going to discuss the perfect smile line and how to create one in a patient. A perfect smile line is when the teeth follow the lower lip line symmetrically. It can be slightly different in various patients, but the most important thing to understand is if you don't have a perfect smile line and feel like you would look better with one to consult with a cosmetic dentist. There are ways to do this with orthodontics, with porcelain veneers, with cosmetic gum surgery, sometimes even cosmetic lip procedures. I'm Dr. Steven Roth from SmilesNY in New York City. Today, we discussed the perfect smile line.