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The dentists at SmilesNY Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry are dedicated to providing their patients with the most up-to-date technology available. In order to remain current on the latest treatments and procedures in the dental field, they have attended numerous continuing education courses on the revolutionary advancements in dental medicine and technology. To further realize their vision of comprehensive dentistry, our advanced dental care specialists ensure that SmilesNY's state-of-the-art office facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Using this innovative technology allows our dentists to provide more efficient and accurate diagnoses and treatment options, while also offering more comfortable procedures. During your consultation at Smiles NY in New York, NY, talk to your dental care professional about the benefits of the technology we offer at our practice. 

Our Dental Technologies

Dental Air Abrasion

SmilesNY uses the latest dental air abrasion equipment when performing restorative dental procedures. Air abrasion equipment is designed to gently and effectively remove damaged areas of tooth by blowing aluminum oxide powder through a stream of compressed air. Using air abrasion equipment, patients will enjoy a near absence of noise and a total absence of vibration. Dental work that is done with air abrasion equipment is pain free and minimally invasive, often eliminating the need for any form of anesthesia.

Quiet Electronic Drills

In order to eliminate some of the anxiety patients may associate with old-fashioned dental work, SmilesNY uses quiet electronic drills that barely make any noise when removing areas of decay from teeth. Quiet electronic drills are fast, precise, and nearly vibration free, providing patients with a relaxing dental visit. If the sound of a traditional dental drill causes you to experience anxiety towards a dental treatment, talk to your SmilesNY dentist about the many benefits of quiet electronic drills during your dental procedure. 

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Through the advancements in dental technology, we are able to provide our New York patients with more comfortable treatments. At SmilesNY, it is important that our patients have a positive experience each time they visit our practice. With dental air abrasion and quiet drill technology, we can ensure that they remain relaxed and at ease for the duration of their procedure. If you experience dental fear or anxieties, contact SmilesNY today to learn more about the advanced dental technology we offer. 

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