Story about Travel Dentistry

During April of this year Sarah contacted SMILESNY through our website. Sarah had been suffering from headaches, neck aches and TMJ pain since she was 18 years old. At 36 years old Sarah felt very frustrated and that she had exhausted all of her specialist possibilities in her country (Great Britain). Although Sarah and her husband were frequent travelers to the United States, she had never thought of having any kind of dental treatment done here.

To Sarah’s credit she was able to do a lot of research on Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) on the internet as well as through email to our office. Sarah and her husband traveled to New York recently and we were able to diagnose all of her problems through the use of our in office technology- an EMG machine, a T-scan, and a Cone Beam analysis of her TMJ and our comprehensive exam. Sarah was treated with DTR the next day and she and her husband went on the next leg of their trip.

After returning two weeks later, we were able to complete the DTR and explain to Sara how we can help her further by restoring her mouth. We arranged to have her Models and Dignostic wax Up done for the very next day and we began Full Mouth Treatment as well. Sarah returned one month later and we completed her care.


Smiles NYHere is Sarah the day we began treatment


Here she is one month later:

Smiles NY



All of Sarahs TMJ issues were healed and she was restored with a beautiful smile and healthy bite.

Sarah ‘s husband is now in the planning stages for his “Vacation Smile Makeover”.




Smiles NY

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