The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Tooth-colored fillings are a restoration option that is virtually invisible once placed into the mouth. These fillings differ from traditional silver amalgam or gold fillings, as they're made from composite resin or ceramic and designed to match the color of the patient's natural teeth. These fillings are a long-term solution for patients with decayed or damaged teeth. With proper care and maintenance, these tooth-colored fillings have proven to be highly durable and can withstand up to a decade of wear and tear before needing to be replaced.

What Are the Different Types of Fillings? 

There are multiple options and materials for dental fillings, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

  • Cast gold fillings: highly durable metal, though also the most expensive material for fillings and can't be color-matched.
  • Silver amalgam fillings: oftentimes a combination of minerals such as tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. Prone to contracting and expansion, which can result in a gap between the filling and the tooth.
  • Composite fillings: crafted from plastic or resin and placed inside the tooth in a softened state and allowed to harden. Can be customized to match the patient's existing teeth.
  • Ceramic fillings: created using a porcelain material, making it both durable and cosmetically appealing. Tooth-colored and resistant to staining and abrasion.
  • Acrylic fillings: also referred to as "glass ionomer fillings" and made using a mix of glass and acrylic materials. Generally used on children whose teeth are still forming.

Top 4 Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Opting for tooth-colored fillings has an array of benefits, including the most obvious — color matching! Your dental provider may encourage these fillings as they are less invasive and can provide greater protection for the remaining healthy tooth structure.

1. Aesthetic Value

Tooth-colored fillings are less noticeable than metal fillings, which can improve a patient's confidence in their smile. These fillings are designed to blend in with the surrounding teeth, so feel free to talk, laugh, and even yawn without worrying that people may spot your filling!

2. Non-Toxic Option

Some patients may be concerned with the mercury found in traditional silver amalgam fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are crafted from either composite resin or ceramic, both of which are biocompatible, non-toxic materials.

3. Increased Protection

With amalgam fillings, patients may notice the metal contracting and expanding with changes in temperature. Tooth-colored fillings bond directly to the surface of the tooth, which results in better protection against further decay or damage.

4. Preserved Structure

Tooth-colored fillings often require less drilling than traditional amalgam fillings, which means that your dentist can preserve more of the healthy tooth during treatment. This results in stronger teeth and a less invasive procedure.

Restore Your Smile Today! 

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