Will My Dental Crown Look Fake?

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Why a dental crown may be necessary

Healthy teeth are often underappreciated. At least until an injury or other ailment occurs and suddenly we’re reminded how vital dental health really is. And how much its absence can affect every other part of our lives. Not to mention the confidence-draining effect of seeing an uneven smile or chipped tooth in the mirror. Luckily, modern dentistry offers convenient solutions. And when teeth are damaged, a dental crown can provide an easy, effective fix, both aesthetically and functionally.

A dental crown, also called a cap, goes over the top of a damaged, decayed, injured, or worn-out tooth. The following scenarios may also necessitate a dental crown in Manhattan:

  • Protecting weakened teeth from decay or keeping them together to prevent further breakage

  • Restoring a worn-down tooth

  • Covering a discolored or otherwise unseemly tooth to brighten your smile

  • Providing structural support for a dental bridge

  • Covering a dental implant or concealing a filling

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How a dental crown can restore your even bite and bright, seamless smile

The procedure is simple and time-tested. First, our expert team makes an impression of your teeth so the crown can fit right in. If you require immediate intervention, we’ll set a temporary crown in place until your new crown is ready. Once it is, we’ll administer local anesthesia, as well as any other sedation options necessary to ensure that you’re relaxed and experience no discomfort.

Then, we’ll thoroughly clean the affected tooth and surrounding area before filing down the tooth so that we can place the crown snugly and securely on top. We fasten it with dental cement or attach it to an implant before making any final corrections so that your bite is natural and comfortable.

Dental crowns can be made from many materials or combinations of materials, including porcelain, metals, or resins, among others, depending on their desired qualities and your needs. We also carefully detail the crown to match your real teeth, giving you a natural look so no one will be able to tell the difference.

Afterward, we’ll devise a customized post-treatment plan for you, with dietary recommendations and tips to clean and protect your crown. Otherwise, no special care is required other than proper, regular oral hygiene. And the crown’s sturdy manufacture ensures longevity –it may last several decades if it’s well looked after.

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