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Cleaning the Sonic Toothbrush with SmilesNY

In this eHow series by New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Steven Roth of SmilesNY, we discuss sterilzing the Sonic toothbrush. We recommend putting the toothbrush heads in very hot water.

Cleaning a Sonic Toothbrush

Hi, I'm Dr. Steven Roth from SmilesNY in New York City and today we're going to talk about sterilizing the Sonic toothbrush for your children. Sonic toothbrushes are a great way for children to remove plaque from their teeth. It's fun, they enjoy it and it becomes a game, and I highly recommend it. As far as sterilizing the toothbrush, that's sort of difficult to do. And what we recommend is changing the heads on the toothbrush every two months to get a fresh head, and so the bristles are still working properly.

And the most important thing is if your child is sick, has the flu, has a fever, has a cold? To throw out the head and get a new head for the toothbrush. As far as daily maintenance goes, I would use warm, soapy water to brush the base of the toothbrush, not necessarily the bristles, and run the bristles under extremely hot water. In some instances, you can dip the brush into Listerine and that will help as far as being antibacterial.