Patient Stories - Upgrade Your Life

In this video, our patients discuss their results after visiting Dr. Seven Roth and Dr. Timothy Chase at SmilesNY in Manhattan.

Upgrade Your Life

Our patients discuss their feelings after having procedures done with Dr. Chase and Dr. Roth at SmilesNY.

Leigh: I don't want to be overly dramatic, but it was a life changer. I mean, imagine walking around being embarrassed of your smile.
Michele: I don't worry about putting my gums away. I used to feel like my gums were just the main focus of my smile.
Ellyn: You feel good about yourself.
Kim: I like having pretty teeth.
Kathryn: I think generally I smile more.
Ellyn: It's a confidence booster.
Molly: It's just that I looked better and felt better about myself.
Kathryn: I think if you smile more, you're at least perceived to be a happier person.
Ellyn: It puts a whole new perspective on how you look at yourself in the mirror.
Molly: I know my mouth is healthy and that it's pretty.
Kim: I've been problem-free with my teeth for almost a year, which for me is a big deal.
Leigh: Well physically my mouth is much healthier and my gums are much healthier.
Kim: Now I'm conscious of taking care of my teeth as I get older and I don't know if hadn't done this that I would have been as conscious about it.
Leigh: It just gives me a whole lot of self-confidence that I didn't have before.
Andrea: I think it lifted the bottom part of my face. I think it gave me a more youthful look.
Kim: I knew I would feel better for myself but I wasn't sure that other people would notice as much.
Ellyn: The first thing anybody ever tells me is, "Your teeth are absolutely beautiful. You have a beautiful smile but your teeth are gorgeous".
Kathryn: A woman in Saks Fifth Avenue, on the shoe floor, no joke, out of the blue comes over to me and says, "I have never seen such perfect teeth. You have an amazing smile."
Michele: It's nice when people notice. I'm very proud of them now so it's not something I'm self-conscious of. I used to be very self-conscious of my smile.
Molly: Just yesterday when I was at the doctor, he had the tongue depressor in my mouth and as he took it out, he said, "You know you have great teeth."
Andrea: People have come over and say, "You have a great smile. You have really beautiful teeth."
Leigh: Everybody was like, "Wow, your teeth look great."
Ellyn: Sometimes I just smile and say, "Thank you." Other times, I confess.
Leigh: Now I just say, "Thank you."

Kim: Just last night I was out to dinner and somebody said, "Oh, my god. You have the most beautiful teeth," and I was like, "Yay."

Lyndsey: Actually, a lot of people didn't notice exactly what I had done but they could tell that there was something that was a little different about me.

Andrea: You just want to look well. You want to look good but you don't want to say, "Oh, you had your teeth done."

Lyndsey: They all did notice that I looked better.
Michele: I never thought I would have been happy and excited to smile at people and with a big toothy smile and I'm so happy that I'm able to do that now.