How Does DTR Therapy Provide Relief From My TMJ Disorder?

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Have you noticed a clicking in your jaw when eating or yawning? Do you have frequent earaches or wake up after a night of sleep with jaw pain? Many adults suffer from these or similar conditions but don’t always understand why. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain in the jaw, SmilesNY Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry may be able to help.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the area where the jawbone connects to the skull. This is what allows people to open and close or rotate their mouths without issue. When combined with other muscles and ligaments, this complex joint allows us to chew, speak, and yawn properly. If the TMJ is damaged or injured in any way, this could result in a condition called temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder (TMD).

Once someone has been diagnosed with TMD, it is important to correct the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage. SmilesNY offers Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) therapy to get to the root of the problem so you can live your life in complete comfort again. Learn how DTR therapy helps patients in New York City, NY by reaching out to our clinic and scheduling a consultation.

Symptoms of TMJ disorder

There are several conditions that can cause temporomandibular joint disorder. TMJ may be the result of a misaligned bite, an injury to the jaw, or chronic teeth grinding. Patients who are suffering from issues such as chronic inflammatory disease may also have problems biting down comfortably. Whatever the cause, TMJ disorder is diagnosed based on the symptoms you experience, which may vary from patient to patient. A physician at SmilesNY will take a full medical history to learn how long you have had these symptoms. Common symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Pain in the jaw joints or facial muscles. There may be some pain in the neck and shoulders, especially when talking or chewing.

  • Headaches, dizziness, ear pain, or ringing in the ears.

  • Jaw popping or a clicking jaw when opening or closing the mouth.

  • Difficulty biting down or chewing food.

To diagnose a temporomandibular disorder, your dentist will listen to your concerns and assess the movement of your jaw. At our clinic in New York City, SmilesNY makes use of advanced digital x-rays to look for any underlying causes of TMJ disorder. We may also feel the jawbone and surrounding area for any concerning signs such as tenderness and inflammation. Our staff understands how difficult this kind of pain can be, which is why we approach each case with care and compassion. Based on this exam, we will go over common TMJ treatment options, including a modern solution in the form of DTR therapy.

About DTR Therapy

In some cases, issues such as jaw popping or a clicking jaw can be resolved with some simple home TMJ treatments. This means we may recommend the use of over-the-counter pain relievers, cold packs, and a temporary soft food diet. Patients with mild cases of TMD may see a relief in symptoms after attempting these solutions for several weeks. However, if the symptoms persist or worsen over time, there are effective medical solutions available. SmilesNY is proud to be one of the only dental practices to provide DTR therapy in New York City, NY.

DTR therapy uses T-Scan and EMG technology to measure the complete activity of a patient’s bite. We measure the pressure, timing, and muscle activity for a more comprehensive view of the joint. Our advanced dental technology shows where the uneven pressure is located and helps in the removal of small amounts of tooth enamel to balance it out. SmilesNY may also implement procedures such as tooth-colored fillings to get a balanced, symmetrical bite that relieves TMD pain.

Patients can begin to experience some results after just one treatment from DTR therapy, with optimal results showing after 2 – 4 treatments. Recent studies have shown that patients who choose DTR therapy experience less painful symptoms such as jaw popping or a clicking jaw. Best of all, SmilesNY offers this solution with no extensive surgery, prescription medication, or painful recovery time. Remember to keep scheduling follow-up appointments at SmilesNY so we can continue to monitor your dental health and progress.

Use DTR therapy to treat TMJ disorder

Your jaw creates a strong foundation that gives you the ability to eat, speak, and function well. When temporomandibular joint pain makes it difficult to enjoy your day-to-day life, the friendly dental professionals at SmilesNY will gladly discuss your TMJ treatment options. SmilesNY is a comprehensive dental facility located in New York City, NY. Our premier practice offers preventive, restorative, and periodontic dental treatments so patients can see a difference in the health and appearance of their smiles. Our leading doctors produce quality smiles with the most cutting-edge techniques in the industry. To learn more about what our team has to offer, take a look at our list of services and give us a call to schedule your consultation.

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