Dr. Roth DTR Patient Consult

Dr. Roth discusses the DTR process during a patient consultation.

Video Transcription

Dr. Steven Roth: Hi, I'm Dr. Steven Roth. And today we are evaluating a patient for DTR, who's been having some jaw issues and Mary, if you could just tell us what you've been experiencing.

Mary: Yeah. I have a little bit of pain and clenching in my jaw. I definitely notice that I've been grinding my teeth, I think at night, because my back teeth are kind of worn down a little bit. I get mild headaches here and there and I can just tell my jaw's just off in general.

Dr. Steven Roth: Can you tell us how frequently you get the headaches?

Mary: Probably a few times a week.

Dr. Steven Roth: Okay. And you pointed to the left side, are you feeling it on both sides?

Mary: I feel it more on the left, but I do feel like it's a little bit on both sides though.

Dr. Steven Roth: Okay. Have you ever experienced any clicking or popping in your jaw?

Mary: Yes, especially in the mornings.

Dr. Steven Roth: Okay. And do you remember if you've ever had a trauma to your face or your jaw?

Mary: No.

Dr. Steven Roth: That's good.

Mary: Yeah.

Dr. Steven Roth: And how about braces? Yes.

Mary: I had braces twice and I did Invisalign twice.

Dr. Steven Roth: Do you remember why you had it twice?

Mary: Just because they weren't straight anymore. So it's mostly straightening.

Dr. Steven Roth: Okay. And do you remember having any problems with your bite after the braces came off?

Mary: Yes, they fixed the bite the first time. And then the bite went back after about six months to the way it was before.

Dr. Steven Roth: Okay.

Mary: I have an overbite.

Dr. Steven Roth: Okay. And are you aware of any specific grinding that you do at any time of day or night?

Mary: I'm not conscious of it, but I'd say probably when I sleep, I grind for sure.

Dr. Steven Roth: And do you wear any type of appliances at night?

Mary: No.

Dr. Steven Roth: Okay.