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Meet Our Team

12 Team Members
  • Lorita


    Financial Coordinator

    As the financial coordinator at SmilesNY, Lorita acts as a liaison between patients and their insurance provider to help them receive affordable care.

  • Dr. Timothy Chase

    Dr. Timothy Chase

    Cosmetic Dentist

    Dr. Timothy Chase is an experienced cosmetic dentist and co-founder of SmilesNY, well known for producing exceptional results for his patients.

  • Dr. Steven E. Roth

    Dr. Steven E. Roth

    Cosmetic Dentist

    Dr. Steven Roth specializes in cosmetic and general dentistry, and has over 30 years of experience in providing enhanced and beautiful outcomes.

  • Lyndsey


    Patient Coordinator

    Lyndsey is the patient coordinator at SmilesNY, ensuring patients comprehend their treatments and receive timely procedure scheduling.

  • Dr. Kevin Loshak

    Dr. Kevin Loshak


    Dr. Kevin Loshak provides periodontal treatments to restore both the appearance and functionality of his New York patients' smiles.

  • Janice


    Dental Hygienist

    In her role as a dental hygienist at SmilesNY, Janice educates patients on how to enhance/maintain overall good oral and dental health.

  • Maria


    Dental Hygienist

    As a dental hygienist at SmilesNY, Maria uses her years of experience to administer preventive dental care treatments to her patients.

  • Carol


    Dental Assistant

    Carol is a dental assistant at SmilesNY and works alongside our dentists in several cosmetic, periodontal, and restorative dental procedures.

  • Darline


    Dental Assistant

    As a dental assistant, Darline works with her patients at SmilesNY to ensure they receive successful and effective treatments and procedures.

  • Stephanie


    Patient Coordinator

    Stephanie is a patient coordinator at our practice, and works to help each patient understand what to expect during their treatment process.

  • Ivette


    Dental Assistant

    Ivette is a dental assistant at SmilesNY, and enjoys improving her patients' health and assisting in improving the appearance of their smiles.

  • Nadi


    Dental Assistant

    Nadi is a dental assistant at SmilesNY and provides assistance with a wide array of dental treatments to help enhance our patients' smiles.