Perfectly White Teeth with SmilesNY

In this eHow series by New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Steven Roth of SmilesNY, we discuss how to get a really white smile. With various levels of whitening, we can offer ZOOM Whitening, customized whitening and whitening strips. For more information Dr. Roth and his New York City practice, SmilesNY, please visit

Perfectly White Teeth in NYC

Hi, I'm Dr. Steven Roth and I am a cosmetic dentist in New York City. Today we're going to discuss how to get a really white smile. There are various levels of whitening. If you have really nice teeth to start with, you can use white strips to whiten your teeth. If you want a little bit more bang for your buck, perhaps you can do customized whitening or in the chair zoom whitening.

But there are many patients who have teeth that whitening will not help. They're misshapen, they're crooked, they're malaligned, and they're not going to look good even if they whiten their teeth. Those are the people we strongly recommend thinking about getting porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns to make their teeth perfectly white.

But always remember this. Brushing, flossing and having healthy gums around your white teeth is the most important thing you can do to look like you have a healthy, nice smile and that's step one every time. This is Dr. Steven Roth, and today we are discussing how to whiten your teeth.