Prevent Sensitive Teeth with SmilesNY

In this eHow series by New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Steven Roth of SmilesNY, we discuss how to prevent sensitivity in teeth. The best way to prevent sensitivity is to brush regularly and use whitening gels every other day. For more information Dr. Roth and his New York City practice, SmilesNY, please visit

Prevent Sensitive Teeth

Hi, I'm Dr. Steven Roth from Smiles NY in New York City. I am a cosmetic dentist there. Today we are going to discuss how to prevent sensitivity when using whitening strips. The best ways to prevent sensitivity are to make sure that your teeth are very clean by brushing and flossing and getting a professional dental cleaning.

I would stick to whitening every other day rather than every day to diminish the contact between the whitening gel and the teeth. Using a fluoride supplement in between will help greatly especially at night so it can sit on your teeth all night and desensitize your teeth. The reality is most sensitivities are related to other problems such as tooth decay, gum recession and wear from grinding and clenching. If you are experiencing sensitivity, it's a good idea to get in to see your dentist. My name is Dr. Steven Roth from Smiles NY in New York City and today we discussed diminishing sensitivity while using white stripes.