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How Much Does Crown Lengthening Cost in New York?

Around 33% of young Americans aren't willing to show off their smile. No one should have to conceal their teeth for fear of being looked down upon.

If you find yourself holding back your grin because of a gummy smile, you've probably looked into getting crown lengthening in New York. While this procedure can help you get your confidence and your smile back, you might be wondering what the crown lengthening cost is. That's why we're here to explain the procedure and discuss any possible costs.

What Exactly is Crown Lengthening?

Before scheduling your appointment for a crown lengthening in NY, you should know exactly how the dentist will be improving your smile. Crown lengtheninginvolves taking out extra gum tissue, and maybe some bone that surrounds your top teeth. As a result, your teeth will look longer.

Why Get Crown Lengthening?

There are numerous reasons you might need to have a crown lengthening procedure--it's not just limited to making your smile brighter. Here are some of the most common reasons to go through with the procedure:

Tooth Decay and Repair

You might need a crown lengthening procedure done in order for the dentist to put a filling or crown on your tooth. This usually occurs if your tooth breaks too close to your gum. If your tooth doesn't protrude enough from your gum to properly hold a filling or crown, you may need to have a portion of your gum removed--this enables your dentist to move forward with fixing your tooth.

Similarly, you'll also need crown lengthening if you have tooth decay that's under your gum line. You'll sometimes have decay that's underneath your crown or filling if it falls out. In this case, your dentist will need to remove part of your gum to reveal your tooth, allowing your dentist to install a filling.

Gummy Smile

You may also be considering crown lengthening for cosmetic reasons. When you smile, you might see more of your gum than your teeth. Whether your gum line is irregular, or if there is too much gum, getting a crown lengthening procedure can help restore your smile.

Crown Lengthening Preparation

You'll typically have to visit the dentist before you get the procedure done. Your dentist will go over your X-rays along with your medical history, and will likely schedule a dental cleaning which will happen prior to the procedure.

Your dentist might need to install a temporary crown on your tooth beforehand as well. This makes it easier for your dentist to perform surgery, as they'll be able to see what tissue they need to remove more clearly.

What Can You Expect During the Procedure?

If you're not fond of visiting the dentist, you might be worried about getting a procedure done. However, knowing what the procedure entails can make it easier to relax during surgery.

First, your dentist will give you local anesthesia in the area that's going to be addressed. The dentist will wait until you feel numb, and then they will begin the procedure.

Tiny cuts will be made in your gum in order to remove the gum from around your teeth. After the gum is pulled away, your teeth's roots and bone will be revealed.

Occasionally, the dentist will only need to remove a small portion of your gum to uncover enough of your tooth to install a filling. But it's more common that the dentist has to pull away some of your gum and bone near your roots to access more of your tooth.

When your dentist finds an adequate amount of tooth, the area will have to be sterilized with saline water. Your gums will then be reattached using stitches.

You can try to predict the length of your procedure depending on how many teeth have to be worked on. The more teeth that need surgery, the longer it'll take. Since your dentist has to evenly shape your gum, even having only one tooth that needs crown lengthening usually means that the teeth next to it will have to be operated on too.

After Crown Lengthening

You'll usually notice some swelling after your procedure. This is completely normal, and it's recommended that you put ice on your face to make the swelling go down. You also might be prescribed a pain-killer to reduce any soreness.

In the meantime, make sure to eat soft food. It's also important to gently brush your teeth in the areas your gums have stitches.

Your dentist will require that you return in 7-10 days to get your stitches removed. After another 4-6 weeks pass, you'll visit again to make sure everything in your mouth looks okay.

It takes about 3 months for your gums to heal. Your tooth will then be ready for a crown. Not waiting for a long enough period of time can make a portion of your crown show, as gums often shrink while healing.

How Much Does Crown Lengthening Cost?

The crown lengthening cost in NY depends on a number of factors. If you have more teeth that need the procedure, it'll be more expensive.

Insurance plans will usually pay for your surgery if it's related to tooth decay. If it's for cosmetic reasons, your insurance will be less likely to cover it. Many dentists offer financing plans to help you pay if you can't get any insurance coverage.

You can typically expect to pay anywhere from $50-$350 to take out and reshape a portion of your gum around just one tooth. It can cost $1,000 or more to operate on a number of teeth.

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If you feel that your smile needs a boost, you should seriously consider a crown lengthening procedure. The crown lengthening cost might seem intimidating, but it's totally worth it.

Smiling without feeling self-conscious can make a positive impact on your social life and success. This simple procedure can improve your quality of life and will keep you smiling.

Our team of dental experts at Smiles NY can give you the best crown lengthening experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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